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Window and Patio Door Repair Services

Window Repair and Patio Door Repair Service

At Nevets Glass we specialize in window repair and patio door repair including:

  • Glass Panel Repair
  • Foggy Glass Repair or Condensed Glass Repair
  • Low-E Glass Repair
  • Steel Casement Sash Repair
  • Window Hardware Repair
  • Wood/Vinyl Window Frames
  • Wood Window Sash Repair/Replacement
  • Vinyl Window Sash Repair/Replacement

We also provide professional screen repair including:

  • Window Screen Repair
  • Storm Window Screen Repair
  • Patio Screen Repair
  • Pet Proof Screen Repair
  • Sun Screen Repair
  • Custom Made French Door Screen Repair
  • Screen Porch (New and Repaired)
  • Insulated Unit Replacement
  • Steel Casement Screen Repair
  • Custom Size Sliding Patio Door Screen Repair
  • Interior Roll Screen Repair

Foggy Glass Repair or Condensed Glass Repair

Foggy glass or condensed glass occurs when moisture develops between its thermal panes. This moisture occurs from the stresses that windows receive from the settling a building endures after construction and from other factors, such as the heat from the sun that causes expansion and pressure on the seals. The end result is foggy glass, but replacing foggy glass can be expensive as there are more economical methods such as fogged glass repair.

Foggy glass repair involves changing the double pane glass using the same frame. For a fraction of the cost of replacing a new window, your foggy glass repair with a new double glass pane is under warranty for 5-10 years. So you don't have to worry about the same problem, and you can always upgrade your glass to a low-glare obscured glass or tempered glass.

Window Repair

Windows can be expensive to replace, whereas window repair can be economical alternative. Window repair can involve replacement of broken glass to replacement of faulty hardware, such as sash cords, tubular balances, sash balances, weather-strip channels, locks, sash chain, and window springs.

Screen Repair

Screen repair can be as simple as patching a small hole or replacing the entire screen. Removing a damaged screen from aluminum splines and wood-frames requires an accurate touch to prevent bowing and damaging the replacement screen during the screen repair process.

Patio Door Repair

A working patio door should move easily with the use of one hand. Typically, a patio door that becomes to difficult to open is either clogged with debris under the rollers or there is a faulty mechanism which needs to be replaced. Patio door repair usually requires complete removal of the patio door with cleaning, repair, and weather-stripping.

Custom Design Service

We can custom build window and door solutions that may not fit standard options. Or we can build to your specifications bringing your ideas to life.